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In October 2012 I started studying Egyptology online via the Manchester University. Through this blog I will share my experience, mainly focussing on places I visit and books I read about Egyptology. Thanks to my study I have visited (and will visit) museums I previously hadn’t even heard of. I’ve already met some wonderful people as well. All in all, the number of great experiences is growing rapidly and I’d love to share my experiences here.

Why did I call the blog Seshat’s Journal? You can find some information about Seshat on Wikipedia. She’s the goddess of wisdom, knowledge and writing. Writing is one of my main passions and I also have an interest in writing in ancient Egypt. She seemed a fitting goddess to name this blog after.

Seshat’s Journal can also be followed via Twitter and Facebook.

Update July 2015
My studies are over. Three years have flown by and the new adventures are not yet at an end.
On 24 July the ceremony was held and I was handed my Certificate in Egyptology.

I have decided not to continue with the Diploma at this time. Due to a new job and the travel that has come with it I have precious little time. I am of course still interested in Egyptology and I will continue finding interesting things to write about. There will be the odd short course and undoubtedly many more museum visits. Watch this space!

  1. Ed Butler has written an article about the demotic “Book of Thoth” manuscript, which has several unexpected references to Seshat.

  2. Hi Nicky,

    I’ve nominated you for The Versatile Blogger award. You can find out more info about this award here –

    Have a lovely weekend,


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