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Divine creatures – a book review

July 27, 2013

Divine Creatures - book cover

People who read this blog regularly will already know I have an interest in mummified cats. This is the reason I acquired Divine Creatures which is edited by Salima Ikram. The book is basically a collection of papers/essays about various aspects of the subject ‘animal mummies’ written by various people.

It is extremely detailed. Whatever you wish to know about animal mummies is very likely covered. The various types of animal mummies is discussed as is the techniques which have possibly been used. I say possibly, because we still haven’t figured out exactly how this was done. Thankfully experimental archaeology is also one of the subjects. I have to say I found that very insightful. Let’s face it: most people would like to know how mummification works and being able to see it for yourself is very exciting.

There is information on the location of known animal burial sites. The cults are also discussed in detail.

The illustrations are often quite beautiful and a lot of them are in colour.
Last, but not least, the Animal Mummy Project is mentioned.

I could write a lot more about this book, but I might be giving away too much information. I think that if you’re interested in animal mummies, you should just buy this book. It’s well worth it.


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