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British Museum, London

January 30, 2013

The moment has come for me to admit that I have a favourite museum: the British Museum in London. I have been there many times and am still capable of spending an entire day there without getting bored.

I don’t only go there for the Egyptian artefacts. There are many other things I enjoy. I always visit the buddhas, often the Parthenon gallery and also the Assyrian Hunting Scene.

Part of the Assyrian Hunting Scene
© All Rights Reserved

I’ve already mentioned my last visit to the museum in the post A weekend of Egypt in London when I went to see the temporary exhibition of Gebelein Man.
This temporary exhibition is upstairs which is a part of the Egyptian collection I don’t visit often enough. I usually get quite absorbed in the big statues downstairs. So when I finally found my way upstairs again I took my time to look around and take photos of the (yes, again!) cat mummies.

Animal mummy (1 of 4)
© All Rights Reserved

Before my visit I had found a short video on YouTube about how the copy of the Book of the Dead at the British Museum had been taken off it’s old wooden background and had some preservation work done on it. I have seen the book before this work had been done and I can tell you it looks a lot better.

As always I did spend time downstairs as well. Unfortunately the Gayer-Anderson cat was on loan, so no photos of that one. However, I did manage to get reasonably up close and personal with Amenhotep III.

Upper part of a colossal statue of Amenhotep III
© All Rights Reserved

Part of the charm of this museum is the fact it’s such an old museum. The building is stunning and spacious. No matter how busy it is, it never feels crowded to me. Like the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford the British Museum has quite a long history.
The great court is quite famous and you can easily use it as a backdrop for photos.

British Museum
© All Rights Reserved

One of my absolute favourite things to do is visit on Friday night, when the museum stays open until 20.30. I have noticed through time it stays busy for longer, but it still is a wonderful time to visit. The lights are dimmed which gives a great atmosphere, especially when it’s winter and therefore dark outside. It’s quieter as well, so you can simply sit and take in the view.

British Museum
© All Rights Reserved

So I study Egyptology and there’s no photo of the Rosetta Stone? No. It is simply too busy around the stone to take any kind of decent photo of it, not to mention it’s encased in glass. I hope to get a good photo of it one day, though.
In the meantime, here are all the photos I took at the British Museum. I will be adding more in the future!


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