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World Museum, Liverpool

January 9, 2013

If you have read some of my previous posts, you will have noticed I mention mummified cats sometimes. It was at the World Museum in Liverpool where I saw my first cat mummies ever.
This was in January 2012 and I was only looking for museums with Egyptian artefacts. As soon as it seems a museum has a reasonable number of Egyptian items on display I intend to visit it. And this is how I came across this relatively small, but wonderful museum.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not really a small museum at all – I’m simply used to bigger.
Like most museums I have visited so far this is a very diverse museum. They even have some live animals and a planetarium (which was unfortunately closed during my visit). There is a lot to explore and learn.

At the time I didn’t know much (almost nothing, to be honest) about ancient Egypt, so seeing things from very early dynasties or animal mummies was quite new to me.
Unfortunately it is quite dark, so photography is once again a bit of a struggle. Thankfully it’s not so dark you can’t make out the items. The individual lighting is set up very well and can result in nice effects on photos.

© All Rights Reserved

Throughout the department there are screens with short films focusing on people from ancient Egypt (for example: a priestess and the pharaoh). The people on screen are dressed as is believed the people in their position would have dressed and – in English – they provide some background information. A lovely way to combine reasonably new technology with ancient artefacts.

Now, about those cats…
There are two on display. One of them shows some damage, but in both cases the way they have been wrapped it quite intricate. On one of them they clearly tried to mimic the face of a cat – I’m not certain if it is meant to look like the actual cat inside the wrappings…if there is a cat inside it at all.

Mummified cat
© All Rights Reserved

In November I returned to this museum to take some more photos (entire set can be viewed here) and simply because I enjoy visiting so much. I think I will be back a few more times in the future.


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