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National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh

January 4, 2013

When visiting Edinburgh the first thing you plan is a visit to a museum. Right?

No? Well, think again. The National Museum of Scotland is fun!
Not only is it housed in a lovely building, it has something for everyone. It really is incredibly diverse. You can easily spend the whole day there.

National Museum of Scotland
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I tried to visit every single room in the museum and I believe I managed. It’s not easy, since the building has quite different lay-out. It is a place to explore and play.

National Museum of Scotland
You can’t go wrong with dinosaurs
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Obviously my main objective was to find the Egyptian artefacts.
There is one room for Ancient Egypt. Unfortunately it is very dark in there. This is not only a challenge if you wish to take photos (which is allowed), but it is actually hard to see the details on some of the items on display. I have to admit I was also somewhat disappointed by the information accompanying the collection. As I study I would have loved to see a bit more information, certainly more detail and the artefacts’ numbers so I could look them up on the museum’s website later.

For example, the only information on the display for this coffin is:
One of the inner coffins of a young woman
We tested the mummy that was inside this coffin and found that she was about fourteen. This coffin is made of cartonnage.
c 1075 – 715 BC

National Museum of Scotland
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What I did appreciate is the way the display has been set up. There is a clear logic leading you through life in Ancient Egypt until you reach death and afterlife. There don’t seem to be many items on display, but the ones that are are truly beautiful.

National Museum of Scotland
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As I said at the beginning of this post: this is a fun museum with lots to see for everyone. I didn’t take many photos – not because I couldn’t or didn’t want to, there was simply too much to see.
If you are curious: here you can see all the photos I took at the National Museum of Scotland.


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