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Bolton Museum

December 28, 2012

On 12 October I visited the Bolton Museum. I think this is one of those little museums you wouldn’t know about if you didn’t live nearby or if you weren’t looking for something specific. And I was looking for Egyptian artefacts. Little did I know that Bolton actually has quite a strong connection with Egypt.

They have a website with information on the Egyptian collection which outlines how so many Egyptian artefacts ended up in Bolton. The main link is cotton, which is a link that can more often be found when dealing with English museums’ collections.

The building houses more than just the museum, most notably for a first time visitor like myself the library. It’s a gorgeous building and I would suggest that anyone who visits takes their time to look around before climbing the wonderful staircase to the museum.

Bolton Museum
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The museum itself focusses a lot on local history. The Egyptian department actually seems quite small. But don’t be fooled, there are quite a lot of things on display and there is a wealth of information.

There is a remarkable amount of animal mummies on display. I took photos of most of them, mainly focussing on cats. Especially the unwrapped (but partially covered) cat mummy (visible on the next photo) I found fascinating. There is so much detail that can still be seen…just look at the whiskers!

Cat mummy bundle and unwrapped cat mummy
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This was the first time since starting my study that I visited a museum to specifically look for things. In this case I was looking for predynastic bowls which I found. I hadn’t really paid any attention to pottery before, but I found they can be quite beautiful, like the example below.

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For the full set of photos taken at Bolton Museum, please click here.


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