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First post on the ‘last day’

December 21, 2012

What better day to start a new blog than on the last day of the planet?

I wonder how many people haven’t bothered with buying christmas presents because of today. That in itself isn’t very worrying. But what about the people who really believe the world will end or, worse, end their lives because of it? What a waste…

I clearly do not believe the world will end today (and no, I didn’t believe it yesterday either). I do believe you should live your life as if every day will be your last. Because it can be. No one knows when this will all end – personally or globally. So live! Do things, experience things, love people, interact with people, learn!

And that’s what this blog is about, learning.
I am currently studying via Manchester University, Certificate in Egyptology, all online. Because of this I travel even more than I usually do and I visit places I otherwise wouldn’t know about or consider. It’s a great way to enrich my life and I am going to share it all through this blog. You’re welcome to join me if you wish.


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  1. Ashley permalink

    what dose this have to do with the godess

    • Absolutely nothing. It was just a first post to start the blog with. As you can see, apart from one, none of the posts have anything to do with Seshat. The only post I did write about her does explain why I picked her to represent my blog.

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